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WordPress Plugins and Joomla! Extensions

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High Scored Web and Graphic Solutions

We are a team, working hard to provide high quality products in case of web development and graphic. The subjects we have focus on are WordPress Plugins, WordPress Themes, Joomla! Extensions, Joomla! Templates, Graphical Asset files, Video Tutorials and providing custom services, related to the subjects above. Arashtad Ltd is a fast growing company, presenting products and services worldwide. Most of the products and services are free of charge here and though they're free, but fully supported by us.

WordPress Plugins

The WordPress plugins we created are all approved by They are up to date and compatible with the latest version of WordPress. We keep them up to date and always monitor and re-test them for security issues, compatibility and adding new features. Free WordPress plugins Arashtad provides are fully supported by us. You can always find the latest version of Arashtad WordPress plugins at the WordPress plugins menu of the website.

Joomla! Extensions

There are serveral Joomla! Extensions created by Arashtad. The Joomla! Extensions are approved by JED (Joomla! Extensions Directory) and 100 safe. You can find out the Arashtad Joomla! Extensions at the Joomla! Extensions menu of the website.

Video Tutorials

Arashtad Ltd provides free video tutorials in case of web development and graphic design. The latest videos we create are available at Arashtad's YouTube channel. The video are being created in regular serieses and cover all levels from beginner to advanced. Also, you can find out the categoriesed video tutorials by Arashtad at the Tutorials menu of the website. WordPress, Joomla, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Photoshop, RWD etc are some of the subjects we're creating video to teach or scheduling to start their serieses.

Follow us

We support our clients via social medias. Also, the latest products, services and content on Arashtad is immediately shared on our fans.