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Our affiliate program for Antares

The first 3D page builder and 3D slideshow on the planet,
available for WordPress

Antares v1 (A.A.A) is the name of a unique web application that we have just released. This product is integrated, and now available for WordPress as a plugin. Antares provides a user-friendly GUI that gives the user ability to create real 3D web pages and 3D slideshows without coding. With Antares, users can build their own 3D website without needing a developer. All the user needs to do is filling a few web forms to create their slideshows and slides and add objects to them. After saving those forms, the result can be displayed at the front-end in a 3D scene where all web elements that the user has added as objects are now showing up in these 3D areas. This idea had been maintained for a long time and the creative part of it has been heavy work. But now, we are proud to give the internet a chance to revolutionary upgrade its familiar 2D appearance to 3D. Just imagine how many people would love to upgrade their 2D websites to high-quality 3D ones especially with a price, as low as one or two typical slideshow plugins, and how nicer the internet will look after this upgrade! You can find out more about Antares by following the links below:

Introduction and pricing
Online documentation
WarriorPlus landing page

Create your affiliate links

To promote Antares as an affiliate, you need a WarriorPlus account. WarriorPlus is an affiliated community that we have made Antares available on. If you don't still have an account on WarriorPlus, you can make one for free right now. Just click the link below and create your affiliate account on WarriorPlus and then send us a request there.

1. Please don't forget to send us a quick proposal or resume while sending the offer.
2. Please note that spamming is not tolerated and the marketers who engaged with it will be blacklisted.

Email swipes

By clicking the link below you can download the latest version of the promoting email template(s) that we have made ready for Antares. Feel free to download and send them to your list.

Download Antares affiliates' toolbox (all in one)
Download Antares affiliates' articles only
Download Antares affiliates' emails only
Download Antares affiliates' ad banners only
Download Antares affiliates' videos only

Offline documentation

If you're willing to read more about the technical details of Antares, download the HTML documentation below.

Download the offline documentation


For now, we provide 3 types of licenses. The regular type that is suitable for use on 1 domain costs only $69.95. The extended licenses cover 3 domains license that costs $189.00 and 10 domains license for $598.00.

Commission rates

The commission rate that affiliates receive just at the beginning is 50%. But, this percentage will grow up regarding the results they create. Below, you can find out the commission rate growth up schedule. Please have in mind that the amount is calculated based on single license purchases which are $69.95. But the rate also appeals to extended licenses that have higher prices.

  • Start (no sales) 50% => $34.97
  • +100 sales 51% => $35.67
  • +500 sales 53% => $37.07
  • +1000 sales 55% => $38.47
  • +2000 sales 60% => $41.97
  • +4000 sales 65% => $45.46
  • +6000 sales 70% => $48.96
  • +10000 sales 75% => $52.46
  • +20000 sales 80% => $55.96
  • +50000 sales 85% => $59.45
  • +100000 sales 90% => $62.95

SEO keywords

Below you will find out the SEO keywords that we use to introduce Antares.

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Contact the affiliate manager

If you have more to ask about Antares or its affiliate program, feel free the check out other contents we have provided on about this product and if you couldn't find your answer, we will be here to answer via affiliates [at] email.


There are logos, banners, images, and videos already created for affiliate and marketing programs. This package that can be downloaded right below, will save a lot of time and helps you get started with marketing Antares right away.

Download Antares affiliates' toolbox (all in one)
Download Antares affiliates' articles only
Download Antares affiliates' emails only
Download Antares affiliates' ad banners only
Download Antares affiliates' videos only

Video tutorials

Antares comes with a descriptive video tutorial series. As Antares is the first 3D page builder presented to the market, there will be many questions about using it between buyers. This video tutorial series is created to answer many of the potential questions before they're asked. So, there will be a large amount of time and energy saved for our clients and us. This will result in more satisfaction from users that is absolutely important for marketers who are keen about their clients.

Also, these videos can be used will promoting, as they all have branding and description of Antares.

You can find out the playlist of this video series down below.

Antares video tutorials