Arashtad Accordion Module

Arashtad Accordion Module

Accordion Module for Joomla

What is Arashtad Accordion

Arashtad Accordion is a Fully Responsive Accordion for Joomla. Arashtad Accordion carries a Joomla Component and a Joomla Module for handeling the functions of recording/displaying the data you create. Arashtad Accordion Component has the responsibly of storing the data in the Joomla database and Arashtad Accordion Module displays the recorded data in the front end. Both Arashtad Accordion Component and Arashtad Accordion Module are included in a quick install package and you can easily install them via Joomla installation form.

What Will You Get by Downloading Arashtad Accordion?

As said, Arashtad Accordion is a Joomla! 3.x package including a Joomla Accordion Component and a Joomla Accordion Module. Also you will have the Arashtad Accordion Documentation i.e. the well arranged user manual of this product.
This Joomla Accordion Package provides you ability for having unlimited Joomla Accordion Modules on a Joomla! web page so you can generate as many as Accordions you would like on your Joomla! web page without any concern about their conflicting.
Having unlimited Accordions in a page, Responsive Accordion Module, Having up to 20 tabs for each Accordion, 5 preset stylesheet for the Accordion Module and facility of using custom stylesheet for each Accordion are only some of features of this Joomla Accordion Extension.

Accordion for Joomla

Arashtad Accordion had been a commercial product for a long while but now, Arashtad presents it. Arashtad Accordion in under GPL license and can be used as it is for unlimited websites.

Quick Review for Arashtad Accordion Extension for Joomla! 3.x (Arashtad Accordion)

Arashtad Accordion is a Joomla! 3 package including Arashtad Accordion component and Arashtad Accordion module. Arashtad Accordion gives ability to display unlimited accordion modules on a Joomla! web page. The component has the responsibility of storing data and the module displays data stored in Joomla! database. Arashtad Accordion is fully responsive and also compatible with all Joomla! 3 sub-versions.
This extension has 5 preset styles and also facility of using your own stylesheet as easy as possible. Supporting BootStrap, FontAwesome, HTML5 and all Joomla! 3 sub-versions is only one of Arashtad Accordion facilities.
Note: After installing the Arashtad Accordion package, you will have Arashtad Accordion component and Arashtad Accordion module installed on your Joomla! Firstly, go to component and create data and then go to module manager to create and configure module(s) to show on front-end. Using Arashtad Accordion, You can have unlimited accordion modules on a Joomla! page. A full reference of this task is available at Arashtad Accordion documentation. DocumentationDemoLicensingDownload