Arashtad Toggle Module

Arashtad Toggle Module

Toggle for Joomla 3

What is Arashtad Toggle?

Arashtad Toggle is a Fully Responsive Toggle for Joomla. Arashtad Toggle has a user friendly UI and lets you have unlimited Toggle Modules on You Joomla web page. This Responsive Joomla Toggle is created based on MVC, jQuery and CSS3 and is a Joomla! 3.x Compatible Toggle. Arashtad Toggle is very easy to use but powerful Joomla Extension. To find out more about Arashtad Toggle features, continue reading this article.

What Will You Have by Downloading Arashtad Toggle?

When you Download Arashtad Toggle, you have a Toggle Component for Joomla which has a Joomla Toggle Module attached and lets you create unlimited Toggle records on the database of your Joomla! and then display every record using the Toggle Module on the web pages. Arashtad Toggle Module is a Fully Responsive Toggle Module which has 5 style presets. Lao, this Joomla Toggle Module allows you to create your custom stylesheet and make it use as easy as default styles of this Joomla Toggle Module.
Arashtad Toggle is a very well documented Joomla Toggle Extension, describing all the installation, customization, using process, uninstallation etc in its documentation.

Toggle Extension for Joomla

Arashtad Toggle had been a commercial Toggle Component for Joomla but this time, Arashtad Ltd provides it as a Joomla Extension. But, it does not mean you will be alone in the future. Though, Arashtad Toggle is a Component now, but it still has an ongoing support and you can ask Arashtad for support at any time you feel need to our help.

Quick Review for Arashtad Toggle Extension for Joomla! 3.x (Arashtad Toggle)

Arashtad Toggle is a Joomla! 3 packages including Arashtad Toggle component and Arashtad Toggle module. Arashtad Toggle gives the ability to display unlimited toggle modules on a Joomla! web page. The component has the responsibility of storing data and the module displays data stored in Joomla! database. Arashtad Toggle is fully responsive and also compatible with all Joomla! 3 sub-versions.
This extension has 5 preset styles and also the facility of using your own stylesheet as easily as possible. Supporting BootStrap, FontAwesome, HTML5, and all Joomla! 3 sub-versions is only one of Arashtad Toggle facilities. Note: After installing the Arashtad Toggle package, you will have the Arashtad Toggle component and Arashtad Toggle module installed on your Joomla! Firstly, go to component and create data and then go to module manager to create and configure module(s) to show on the front-end. Using Arashtad Toggle, You can have unlimited toggle modules on a Joomla! page. A full reference of this task is available at Arashtad Toggle documentation. DocumentationDemoLicensingDownload