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How to Turn Off Update Notification Icons in Joomla!?

This is a quick tip for those admins/developers who are a bit new to Joomla! Joomla! has a notification bar at the top of it's first admin panel screen. When and update for Joomla! or one of the extensions that your website uses is available, a notification about that shows up on the notification bar. Since the appearance of this notifications looks like an error, warning or somehow, you may know about the update but have not done it for a reason and now, you have that ugly notification that you want to get rid of it. There may be a lot more scenarios that make you disable those notifications. In any case, the first thing you need to know is that those notifications are being controlled by 2 Joomla! System Plugins. Two plugins that are enabled by default when you install Joomla!
Know, it's very easy for many of you to handle it. But I'll describe it by images for you.

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How to Recover Joomla! Administrator Password via PHPMyAdmin

How to recover Joomla password

Joomla! Administration Password Recovery

For some reasons Joomla! admin password may be lost. In this situation, the administrator needs a solution to reset his/her password in order to take the website under control again. Resetting the password will be an easy job if you still have access to the hosting account of the website. In this article we will describe, how to recover a Joomla! administration password via PHPMyAdmin.

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Joomla! Base URI

This is a quick tip about Joomla! development. Sometimes you, as a Joomla! developer need to create a link to the Joomla! base or somewhere else in Joomla! websites. If everything is stable and won't change in the future, you can create an static link like But the more clever and predicting way to link to somewhere in Joomla! is using base uri as the starting point of the path. In this case we redo the link above like below:

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How to Create a Contact form in Joomla!

Contact form is the most common communication solution for websites. As an administrator, you need a gate open for your visitors so they can send you their messages, feedback etc. and having a contact form on your website, covers this necessity. In this tutorials I walk you through the process of Creating a Contact form in Joomla! So, you'll be able to create as many as contact forms for your Joomla! website, linked to the emails you'd like.
Joomla! provides a built-in component called "Contacts". This component helps you make categories for your contacts and create as many contacts you need and put them in relevant categories. You ready to get started? So, let's go!

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How to make user sudoer in Debian & Ubuntu

How to make user sudoer in Debian & Ubuntu

Using root user for regular usage is not recommended in Linux operating systems. The common solution for this point is creating a user and register him to the sudoers group. To do this on Debian and Ubuntu systems, follow the steps below:

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