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This article describes a solution to overcome the problem of finding jobs and projects for freelancers. If you are a freelancer and have not built a huge list of regular clients, you always are dealing with the problem of finding new projects/contracts. All the time, a part of your mind is researching and worry about the next job after the running one. You, as a professional designer or developer have the right of not being stressed for finding jobs. You must have all of your time to work and rest. Marketing, Advertising, Bidding on projects, Sending resumes and many other ways you follow to find new jobs are all non-professional part of your job, as long as you've not found a solution to skip it.
Today, I want to describe a little about a great opportunity for those who feel the hidden pain of the paragraph above! The solution I'm talking about is not a new solution. Also, it's not easy to do. But there are benefits in it that makes you interested in testing it.

As said, it's not a new tool to experience. It's years that it's up and running. So, you may have heard about it before. Before more description, see Toptal UI designers Community please. What you see at this address is freelance portal like other portals (Upwork, etc.). But there is a very big difference between that and other portals.
Toptal has a great arrangement. It has a clever idea and about the most painful part of freelance jobs (i.e. finding new jobs). When you join Toptal, you are sort of employee there. Your name is in the list of other freelancers who had successfully passed the required steps before getting hired there and this list is what Toptal has decided to create and take the responsibility of using it instead of the freelancers. In the other hand, you won't need to look for jobs and bid on them. There's no job to apply, there's no client to follow and communicate with. Instead of it, Toptal gets in touch with clients directly. It tries to understand the exact requirements of the client and then, regarding to the detailed list of its freelancers (including you), suggests clients the best matches for their projects.

How long I need to wait for getting hired when I'm accepted by Toptal

Since Toptal can find you a job after a client order it depends on the amount of clients at the time you are waiting for new job. Also, your skill-set is a serious factor in estimating your waiting period. But regarding to the experienced situations by freelancers, you can expect your new job in Avg. 1 month.
Regarding to what went so far, Toptal is a usual freelancer portal but with an absolutely unique idea which sets you free of the job searching process and let you work more on projects and earn much more!

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