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Antares (10 domains)

The first 3D slideshow and 3D page builder on the planet

Purchase Antares license for 10 domains

Antares is a 3D page builder and 3D slideshow based on WebGL and available for WordPress CMS. This web application can be installed on your WordPress website as a plugin and help you create 3D slideshows, 3D web pages, and even full 3D websites. The administration provides you a panel without any coding requirement. You can make the scenes, insert objects to them, and make them interactive in a 3D space. Any web element that you can provide via web browsers can is available to use the scene as an object. You can move, rotate, apply styles, and do whatever you want on them. Creating scenes and customizing its objects is all done via four forms. You don't need to code or worry about 3D design concepts. It's the first time that websites have the opportunity to be equipped with 3D scenes without any coding process.

$ 589.00


Antares 3D page builder