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No matter how advance your needs are. Any type of front-end development, back-end development, database architecture, CMS development you want is covered by us!

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  • A Work Background Supported by Projects and Witnesses.
  • Unlimited Revisions Until You are 100% Satisfied.
  • Free Bug Fix at ANY Time if an Issue was Found Later.
  • Weekly Updates About the Progress During Development.
  • Live Chat Support From our Technical People.
  • Server Installation and Full Configuration.
  • No Extra and Hidden Fee for the Agreed Services.
  • 10% Discount for the Next Order.
  • Communication via Email, Phone, Skype, and Telegram.


  • Fully Tailored Website According to Your Ideals.
  • All-in-One Services Package Including All Technologies.
  • 100% Standard, Up-to-Date, Clean, and Valid Code.
  • Video and Live Tutorials for You to Manage Your Software.
  • Cross Platform and Cross Browser Web Application.
  • Delivering the Source Code and Project Files to You.
  • Only Open Source Software, Technologies, and Resources.
  • Fully Secured and Risk Free Structure.
  • Search Engines Friendly and SEO Ready Codes.

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What People Say About Us

Great delivery and great professional. Easy to work with and always took the time to explain me what he was doing, which is something rare. I will use his services in the future and reccomend him to my friends, 100% satisfied!

Marco from Resurgence – Italy

Developer that turned into a friend. Words cannot describe how incredibly awesome and talented this artist/developer is. May you be so blessed like we were to have come across such an incredible/talented human being. 125% recommend! A+++

Ronald from Wizards of Gods – USA

The seller is beyond a doubt one of the kindest hearted individuals I’ve had the privilege of working with, he is even more so talented! I will definitely use the seller again!

Mustafa from MDS – Jordan

Great job and perfect results. I could not have asked for it any better than what was delivered. Will certainly hire again for more similar works.

Fuego – USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Technologies Do you Support?
Variety of tools and technologies are worked on in Arashtad. But, all of them are free and open source. For instance, Blender in 3D modeling, ThreeJS for 3D web development, PHP and Python for back-end, MySQL and MongoDB for database, WordPress, etc.
How Do I Place My Order and Keep Tracking its Process?
As soon as you get in touch with us, we listen to your ideas and suggest you the best services according to your needs and technical logic. After that, we help you make your plan and then have a proposal for that plan from us. The next step will be initiating the development process, giving you weekly updates and demos until the work is completed. When the beta version is completed, you’ll have opportunity to add your revisions to the result for unlimited times. We apply all of your ideas to the work until you’re 100% satisfied with the work and approve the result. That’s who the alpha version is released. When the alpha version is ready, we will take care of uploading, installing, and configuring the software on your server and also provide you with a package, including the source code and files that we have created for the project. It will give you the security of having a backup of your software and resources and gives you access to all of them for further needs. The last step will be teaching you how to manage and maintain your software and supporting you until you’re good to go with it on your own.
How Much it Your Development Services Cost?
It really depends on the scale and features of your plan. We can help you make your mind if you have not a clean vision about it yet. But, an accurate estimation can be made only when we are clear what we are exactly supposed to do for you. So, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultant session with our technicians to gain the perspective.
Do You Provide Technical Support After the Project is Completed?
Of course we do. The process itself comes with a free support period that helps you understand how your software works and how to manage it. But, if you have not enough time to maintain and update it with your further information, we can do it for you for a reasonable fee, based on a support contract that will come after the first order. The costs of that service is also depended on the scale of the support that you need.
Do I Need to Hire Another Team for Other Tasks of the Project?
We have a big team that can cover various parts of the project such as 3D modeling and animation, video editing, 3D web development, front-end and back-end development, blockchain development, database architecture, graphic design, SEO customization, etc. We tried to arrange a team that can free our clients’ mind from managing a team and hiring people from around the market for their projects. So, the only thing you need to do is telling us what you want and giving us your opinion during the design and development process. We will be here to handle the rest.
Where Are You Located in?
We are an e-team working together online. The headquarter of the business is located in Armenia. But, doing freelance works for years, our team is absolutely comfortable with working remotely. We use powerful team management tools and have tight and well made routines that help us avoid making mistakes and waste time while handling projects.
Which Payment Methods Do You Support?
Our primary payment method is via cryptocurrencies as it’s the most secure, fastest, and cheapest way to handle transactions. But, if a client has issue with it or prefers another payment method for a reason, we will try to go the way that suits their available options.
How Long My Project will Take to Complete?
This question has an answer very similar to the pricing question. The time that your project needs to complete depends on the scale and complexity of your project for sure. So, if time matters to you, let’s don’t waste even a second and initiate the progress by having a talk about it right now. We are here for you to hear your ideas, give you technical suggestions, and help you make your plan the best way possible all free or charge.
What Do I Need to Have Before Placing an Order? Server, Domain, Tools, or Anything of that Kind?
If you already have registered a domain, purchased a server, or any tools that may you need for your website, we will try to get the best out of it. But, if you have no idea what they even mean, you don’t need to worry about it. For the moment we don’t provide server or domain registration services. But, our technical team will help you find and purchase the best ones on the market for the best price. So, the only thing you need at the beginning is an idea for your project and scheduling a free consultant session with us. We’ll walk you through the rest of the process the easiest way possible.

Have more questions for us? Feel free to get in touch and tell us how we can help. We’re on-call and will return you replay ASAP!

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Founder’s Note

My name is Amin Shahrokhi, the founder of Arashtad. I’ve been designing and developing too many projects as a freelancer for over 16 years. I happened to arrange a team when the number of my clients raised and there was not enough time for a single developer to handle all of the incoming projects individually anymore. Being so keen about the quality, look as feel, and validity of my products, it took me a long time to find high quality developers who can cover all of the details that I require in the development process.

But, now here we are. With a team of experts who are in love with their work so much that even making money comes after their passion to create amazing products. Relying on such team, nowadays we pick projects to do that our clients have problems finding a team or person who can get even close to handling them. Arashtad custom services team enjoys diving as deep as possible to produce the best result possible in every project. We fight for the moment that your smile witnesses you’re amazed seeing your impossible happened!