HTML5 Introduction

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) at the time that this article is written.

HTML is the main language to create web pages.

All web pages are written or translated to HTML before getting rendered by web browsers.

This pack of tutorials will walk you through this subject and will teach you HTML5 step by step the way that you can completely understand the technology and will be able to perform projects in real life by this language.

HTML is very simple to learn but essential.

To learn HTML5 you won’t need to know any other languages or technologies. Just having the initial knowledge about computer and the internet will be more than enough.

During the tutorial you’ll have enough examples, tools, and descriptions to comprehend the subjects completely and at the end of each section, you will be presented by exercises and exams that take your learned knowledge to the level of real-life projects.

We are looking to an educational program that makes the student ready to create for market and make money out of it and won’t stop just by explaining the principles and the school-type of knowledge that you can find everywhere.

This is a military school to educate soldiers who are ready to attack the heart of market and bring down any type of obstacle that may appear in the way of making money and gaining economic success.

So, just pack up and get ready as we already see somebody in you who’s able to do it like a boss!