Job Opportunities in Arashtad

We are always looking for talented individuals who are dedicated to work and interested in pushing forward and learning as much as possible. Our team mentality is based on collaboration, communication, problem solving, and helping other mates to create results that are more than expected.

If you are a person who mind learning and being a dynamic and active hardworking team and are not afraid of workloads and if you love solving problems and finding creative solutions for each task that comes in, we will surely be more than happy to have you around.

Please feel free to submit your application to our hiring program and we will get back to you after finding commons in what you know and what we are in need for.

For the moment the positions below are the areas that we have an open hiring schedule for.

3D Web Development (Three.js Developers)

3D wev development is one of the services that we provide to our customers. Also, there are always projects that we work on in this field and products that we present to public. So, if you’re an experiences 3D web developer with a good background and sample works in three.js development, don’t hesitate to send us your resume.

WordPress Development (WordPress Website, Theme, and Plugin Developers)

WordPress is one of the systems that we work on. We provide custom WordPress development services to our clients and also have several on-going WordPress development projects that are publicly available such as WordPress themes and plugins. As an experienced WordPress developer that can handle any type of WordPress development task and is comfortable with developing websites, themes, and plugins for it, you’re most welcome to submit your application and we will be reviewing your application as soon as possible for sure.

Web Development (Front-end, Back-end, and Full-Stack Developers)

If you have at least one of the titled skills and experience in working for market in that field and if you’re interested in collaborating with us, we’d like to see your resume of course. Please apply with complete work information and let us know what type of projects you’re most interested and experienced in. We will review your application and contact you if your skills meet the requirements of the positions that we have open in our team.

3D Modeling and Animation Design (3D Designers)

Blender is our common software for creating 3D models and animations. We have clients and projects that need good 3D models and animations all the time. If you are an experienced 3D model and 3D animation designer and have a advanced skills in working with Blender, feel free to apply to join our 3D modeling team.

Graphic Designer (Gimp and Inkscape Designers)

Designers who are experienced in Gimp and Inkscape applications and would like to collaborate with us are welcome to apply via the form below as well. We will be reviewing your application and will contact you as soon as having a position that matches your skills and experiences.

Blogger (Writers, SEOs, and Content Marketers)

Expert bloggers and professional writers who have experience in SEO, copyrighting, and content marketing and are familiar with social medias are most welcome to send us their applications via the form below. We have a team of writers who write great articles for our platform and for the clients who ask us for good content and high quality content marketing services. We always welcome writers who are keen about the quality of their work and know how to attract search engines and researchers with a good content.