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iPrice v1.0

joomla 3.x module


Author Information

Author: Amin Shahrokhi
Author Email: support [at]
Author URL:
Creation Date: December 24, 2014
Copyright: © 2011 - 2016 Arashtad Ltd. All Rights Reserved.


iPrice is a responsive pricing table module for Joomla! 3.x. This module helps you to have unlimited pricing tables on a Joomla! website/webpage. iPrice has 8 preset stylesheets that you can choose whichever you would like for your specific module. Also, it allows you to apply your custom stylesheet, adding your CSS attributes to the reserved selectors of its CSS file. Follow this documentation to learn all you need to know about this flexible Joomla! module.

  • Fully responsive
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • 8 Preset Stylesheets
  • Unlimited Module Per Page
  • Easy to Use and Costomization
  • Custom Style Available
  • Ongoing Support
  • Well Documented
And More…


iPrice is made for creating pricing tables on Joomla! 3 website without necessity of coding knowledge. iPrice does not use database and each instance of this extension, gets the parameters from settings that are assigned via its module manager area. Having unlimited pricing table modules on a page, displaying various items or a single item is easily possible with iPrice.

Package Contents (Files Included)

<b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

What you will receive as the iPrice main package contains Documentation folder including “Documentation.pdf” i.e. the user manual of the product, Licensing directory, including GPL license and more description about licensing of this product and finally, a zip file. This zip file is what you should install on your Joomla! website and make use.


For installing iPrice on your Joomla! log into your Joomla! administrator panel by calling []/administrator and giving your username and password. Then follow the steps below to have iPrice installed and ready to use:
1. From the Joomla! top menu go to: Extensions > Extension Manager.

<b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

2. Click on the "Upload Package File" tab.

<b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

3. Click on the "Choose File" button, browse your computer to find the iTab installation package named “” and double click on it.
4. Hit the "Upload & Install" button and wait for the module to be installed.
This way, you will install the module and create a unactive instance of the module on your website. You can see this instance by going to Extensions > Module Manager.

Make it use

Using iPrice is as easy as using every simple module on Joomla! Just got to Extensions > Module Manger and click on the “iPrice” module that has been created while installation or for creating a new instance follow the steps below:

1. Go to Extensions > Module Manager

2. Click on “New” button at the top left of the page

3. Select “iPrice” by clicking on its name

<b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

4. Name your module instance and fill in the blanks

<b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

5. In the module tab there are 20 sections. Each section stands for a table cell. To create a cell for your table you should insert the relevant data in its fields.

<b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

6. Configuration tab allows you to customize the appearance and the behavior of the module output. Don’t forget to assign the cells quantity in order to avoid any unexpected issues. Then select a style for the module, select the relevant icons for buttons/list items and set the border radius of the cells if you would like to change its default value.

<b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

7. You have done the setting now and the only you need to do is hitting the “Save & Close” button at the top of the page.

<b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3


To uninstall iPrice from your Joomla! completely, do as follow:

Go to Extensions > Extension Manager.

<b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

Click on the “Manage” tab at the left of the page.

<b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

Search “iPrice” using the search field at the top of the table and press Enter.

Check the checkbox beside the “iPrice” and click on “Uninstall” button at the top of the page.

<b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

This way, you will have the whole iPrice module and its instances removed from your website.


As described iPrice is very flexible and easy to customize. You can easily change the style of its module output by selecting every preset style you want but if you know CSS and would like to have your own style for iPrice module output, follow the instruction below:

    Open [Joomla!]/modules/mod_iprice/assets/styles/master.css with a text editor.

    Scroll down to find the CSS comment /* Begin Custom Style */ at the bottom of the codes and modify the attributes as you prefer.

    <b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

    Now, you have a custom stylesheet for your iPrice extension and can make it use for every specific iPrice module instance you create, going to management page of that module and select “Custom” from drop down of the “Colorize” field.

    <b>iPrice</b>; Responsive Pricing Table for Joomla! 3

    Sources & Credits

    Special thanks to brilliant brains of the world. People/Companies who have really shaked the world by their superb jobs. Some of these stars have helped iTab project to be handled since they have helped millions of projects before:

    • JQuery
    • Twitter BootStrap
    • FontAwesome

    Get Supported

    iPrice provides an ongoing support. It is our pleasure to answer your questions about this product. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our support portal:

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