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Arashtad Tabs v1.2

Responsive Tabs for Joomla! 3

Arashtad Tabs is a Joomla! 3 module, displaying a JQuery based tabs trip on Joomla! websites. Arashtad Tabs provides 14 preset stylesheets and also provides facility to use custom stylesheets as easy as possible. Some of Arashtad Tabs features go following:


  • Fully Responsive
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • jQuery Based
  • Font Awesome Support
  • 15 Preset Stylesheets
  • Very Well Documented
  • Ongoing Support
  • Unlimited Tab Modules on a Page
  • Easy to Customize
  • Easy to Use
  • MVC Model
  • Support All Joomla! 3 Sub-versions

$ 14.00


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