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Demo Site for Joomla 3

What is iDemo?

iDemo is a Demo Site Builder for Joomla. iDemo is a Free Joomla 3 Component giving you ability for having a Responsive Demo Toolbar on a Joomla Website. This Free Joomla Component supports all Joomla! 3.x sub-versions and you can easily install it on your Joomla! 3.x website via Joomla! installation form.
iDemo is a Fully Responsive Demo Site Builder and is based on MVC, jQuery and CSS3.

What Does iDemo for You?

iDemo helps you have a Demo Site for your products. If you are a Joomla! template designer and are in need for a Demo Site to show your templates to your visitors, iDemo will be a great solution for you.
Using iDemo you will have a Demo Website Builder Component for Joomla and also a dedicated Joomla! Template. The only you need to do for running iDemo on your server, is creating an iDemo menu on your Joomla! website and assign it to be shown in iDemo Template.
When you install iDemo you can have unlimited demos, stored on your Joomla! database and show them in your Demo Site.

Free Demo Site Builder for Joomla 3

iDemo had been provided as an commercial Joomla Component but now, Arashtad presents it absolutely Free. This great Demo Site Builder is under GPL license and you can use it as many times as you need.

Quick Review for iDemo

iDemo, is a Joomla! 3.x component. It makes you able to have a full functional demo frame on your website. There are various information which can be presented by iDemo in your website's front-end such as name, image, description, purchase link, version and creation date of the demo. Using iDemo is too easy and does not need any coding knowledge.
Also, iDemov1.2 (the current version) has the ability to show a specific demo instead of the latest demo i.e. the default demo, by adding a query string. To use this feature, you can add a "siteid" query to the end of the demo site URL e.g. if your demo site is and you have 5 demos on it, the latest demo added will be shown as default but if you would like to show the (e.g.) second demo (with ID 2), you can write and this way the demo with ID 2 will be show instead of the latest one.
To find the demo IDs, after log into the Joomla! administrator panel, go to "Components > idemo". You will easily find the demo IDs at the right column of the table. Note: There is a Joomla! template in the iDemo download package which must be used for the iDemo menu item of your website. Please read the iDemo documentation exactly to find out how to do this correctly.