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Improved "Latest Articles" module for Joomla!

What is Arashtad Extended News Module?

Maybe you has gotten problem with limitations of Joomla! Latest Articles module, such as many others. iNews is developed to resolve this problem for you. iNews is a full feature Joomla! 3.x module which can display many information of the latest articles which have not been available so far. With iNews you can display the images of the latest articles, link/unlink title, image and summary, assign the length of the title and summary, display a range of the latest articles in a slide mode and much more.
iNews is built for those who would like to make their websites easy to use and beautiful. To find out more about iNews and its huge facilities, see the iNews demo page and documentation.

What Will You Get by Downloading iNews

iNews is an easy to use Joomla! 3 module. Downloading iNews, you will have the module pack plus a PDF descriptive documentation and relevant licenses. There are more information about this package available at iNews documentation page. Also, there is a "Licensing" folder containing licensing files/information.

iNews for Joomla

iNews modules are used to display Joomla! latest articles in a full feature composition and with the information impossible before. iNews is a fast, understandable and eye catching solution for those websites which want to have nice Latest Articles modules. iNews has covered all necessities of this purpose. iNews> allows you to have all you may want from a clean, fast and responsive Latest Articles module.

Quick Review for Arashtad iNews for Joomla! 3.x (Improved Latest Articles Module)

With iNews you have a module which can be displayed several times on a Joomla! webpage. iNews supports jQuery and RWD. This module is created according MVC model. iNews is a right choice for those Joomla! web masters who are looking for a clean coded, well documented and easy to use/customize Latest Articles modules for their Joomla! 3.x websites.