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Tabs Module for Joomla

What is Arashtad Tabs?

Arashtad Tabs is a Free Tab Module for Joomla. Arashtad Tabs lets you have unlimited TabStrip Modules for Your Joomla! Website. This Tab Module is based on jQuery and CSS3 and has many features which make it the best choice for you as a Tabs Module.

What Will You Have by Downloading Arashtad Tabs?

If you are looking for a Fully Responsive Tabs for Joomla or want to have Unlimited Joomla Tabs Modules on your Joomla! web page. Arashtad Tabs will be a great solution for you!
Arashtad Tabs creates unlimited Tabs Modules for You Joomla website. You can use it to have several Fully Responsive Tab Modules on a single web page. Arashtad Tabs provides 14 preset stylesheets by default and also you will have a chance for creating your own style for your module(s).
Arashtad Tabs is a very well documented product and all of the installation, customization, usage, styling etc. are described in Arashtad Tabs Documentation. Many of your needs are predicted while planning and producing this Joomla Tab Module and we can guarantee Arashtad Tabs covers 95% of the necessities you may have.

Tabs for Joomla

This Responsive Joomla Tab Module is a commercial extension and protected by the Arashtad copyright.
Yes! Now, you can try this powerful Tabs Extension for Joomla. The only you need to do, is logging in your Arashtad Account and going to Arashtad Tabs Download Page and Downloading Arashtad Tabs.

Quick Review for Arashtad Tab Module for Joomla 3 (Arashtad Tabs)

Arashtad Tabs is a Joomla! 3 module. It displays JQuery based tabstrips on Joomla! pages. Using Arashtad Tabs, you can have unlimited tabstrips on a Joomla! web page. Arashtad Tabs does not need any database connection and stores the necessary data in the module you create. Using Arashtad Tabs is much easy but a huge documentation exists for describing all of its facility.
Arashtad Tabs is a fully responsive module with ability to accept custom width and height. It has 15 different preset styles that can be assigned via module management area. Also, there is a facility for using your custom stylesheet and it is possible by simply selecting the "Custom" option as the style and write your own style on the "custom.css" file. This file is already exist on the module, including all necessary selectors you need to write the custom style.
Arashtad Tabs is a paid extension, presented under GPL version 3 license. To fin out more about Arashtad Tabs's usage, user manual, licensing and all other information about this module, see its documentation.