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Testimonials Module for Joomla

What is iTestimony?

Having a module to show your clients' Testimonials on your website is a common and clever business idea. When your visitors come to your website for the first time and see how much your clients are satisfied of you and your services, they trust you easier. Displaying Testimonials on your home page is a recommended marketing strategy and how it better be shown in a fancy and nice composition!

What will You Have by Downloading iTestimony?

iTestimony, is an Arashtad Ltd product which helps you have a really nice Testimonials Slider for Joomla! Websites. But not only one Testimonials Slider on a page but since iTestimony carries a No-Conflict function, it can be used unlimitedly on a web page. In the other hand, you can have unlimited Testimonials Sliders on a single page and set every Testimonials Module for a unique purpose/Testimonials.

Free Testimonials Slider for Joomla!

iTestimony is a Free Joomla! Module provided by Arashtad Ltd and you can download it unlimited times for Free. Also, iTestimony is a really well documented Joomla! Module and you can be an expert in using it, reading iTestimony Documentation.
Another feature of iTestimony is an ongoing support. Though, we have presented iTestimony for free, but we also provide an ongoing support for this Testimonials Slider for free. All of our users who experience any difficulty in using this Joomla! Testimonials Module, can count on Arashtad Ltd for resolving their problems.
iTestimony is a jQuery Based Testimonials Module for Joomla! and its style is built with CSS3. iTestimony supports all Joomla! 3.x websites and is tested on all major web browsers. We have done our best to make the process of downloading, installing and customizing this Testimonials Module as quick as possible in order to have a 5 star satisfaction rate from you.

Quick Review for Arashtad Ltd Testimonials Module (iTestimony)

iTestimony is a simple Joomla! 3.x module based on JQuery to show Testimonials in a slider form. This module is fully responsive and easy to use. Once iTestimony is installed on the Joomla! application, it can generate unlimited modules displaying testimonials as needed. iTestimony is an product and available for download at the author website.
Also, a descriptive documentation exists for this product which explain how to use and customize this module.
iTab is a paid extension, presented under GPL version 3 license. To fin out more about iTab's usage, user manual, licensing and all other information about this module, see its documentation.