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Free WordPress Testimonials Slider Plugin

Arashtad Testimonials Plugin is a fully responsive Testimonials Slider plugin creating unlimited Testimonials Slider widgets on WordPress pages. This plugin is free but fully supported by us. Arashtad Testimonials Slider Plugin is available at both and to free download. Arashtad Testimonials Slider Plugin is a jQuery based plugin and has 5 built-in styles. Each style outputs a different looking widget instance and you can use each style that is closer to your theme appearance. Some of the features of Arashtad Testimonials Slider Plugin goes following:

WordPress Testimonials Slider Plugin


  • 5 Preset Styles
  • Custom Style Available
  • Customisable Width and Height
  • Customisable Header and Footer Texts
  • Customisable Margin and Padding
  • Fully Responsive
  • Unlimited Widgets on a Same Page
  • Ongoing Support
  • WordPress 4.x Compatible

And Much More...

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