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  • Arashtad Toggle Menu

    Arashtad Toggle Menu is a responsive Joomla! 3.x module that makes you able to display Joomla! menus in a toggle style. This module has several style presets and also provides a simple way to create your custom design.

  • Arashtad Accordion Menu

    Arashtad Accordion Menu is a responsive Joomla! 3.x module that makes you able to display Joomla! menus in a accordion style. This module has several style presets and also provides a simple way to create your custom design.

  • Arashtad Demo Frame

    Demo frame is built to display demo websites. If you are a designer or developer and would like to create a demo site for your products, Atashtad Demo Frame is built to make this process easy for you!

  • Arashtad Accordion

    As you guess while seeing the name of this product, Arashtad Accordion is a accordion module for Joomla! 3.x that creates nice looking responsive accorions for your website. This product has multiple styles.

  • Arashtad Toggle

    Arashtad Toggle is the name of a Joomla! 3.x module that creates fully responsive toggle modules in various styles and provide a simple solution to have custom style for the output. This product supports all Joomla! 3 websites.

  • Arashtad Tabs

    Tabs is a handy and very useful web component. Like what you're already reading me inside one of them! Arashtad Tabs is the name of a fully responsive Joomla! 3.x extension that allows creating nice tabs for Joomla! websites.

  • Arashtad Testimonials

    Are you looking for a solution to display your clients' testimonials in a fancy way on your Joomla! 3 website? Here you go! Arashtad Testimonials can create a jQueryly! effecting and fully responsive testimonials sliders on your website.

  • Arashtad Pricing Table

    If you're about to display your products/services price on your Joomla! website, you may be interested in Arashtad Pricing Table. This responsive module can provide a nice pricing table on your website in several colors.

  • Arashtad News Slider

    Arashtad News Slider is an extended Joomla! content module that provides more details about articles in a responsive style and can be managed to slide news from the choosen categories in variable rows and columns.

  • Arashtad Accordion

    Arashtad Accordion is a fully responsive and cross browser compatible widget for WordPress to display accordions in sevearl pre-made styles. Also, thanks to its technology, creating a custom style for this widget is extremely easy!

  • Arashtad Toggle

    Arashtad Toggle let's you have fully responsive and cross browser compatible toggle widgets in WordPress pages. This product supports various preset styles, plus an easy solution to have your custom style for the widget output.

  • Arashtad Tabs

    Arashtad tabs is a fully responsive, cross browser compatible widget to display professional tabs on your WordPress wensites. This product offers multiple styles and also an easy way to create your custom style.

  • Arashtad Testimonials

    Arashtrad testimonials slider is a widget to display testimonials on your WordPress website. This widget is fully responsive and also includes multiple styles. This product is free to use and you can download and try it for free.

  • WordPress Tutorials
    Install WordPress on local
    In this tutorial you learn how to get started with WordPress on local computer.
  • WordPress Tutorials
    Transfer WordPress to server
    In this tutorial you'll find how to transfer your WordPress website across servers.
  • WordPress Tutorials
    Tabs widget for WordPress
    This video describes how to create tabs widgets on your WordPress website.
  • Joomla! Tutorials
    How to install Joomla!
    Start learning Joomla! from here. This is the first video from the Joomla! tutorials series.
  • Joomla! Tutorials
    Joomla! module installation
    This video talks about installing/uninstalling Joomla! moduels.
  • Joomla! Tutorials
    Joomla! Banners Component
    Joomla! has an advertisement component. This videos describes how to work with it.
  • HTML Tutorials
    Creating HTML files
    This is the very first HTML tutorial of Arashtad. Here you can start with learning HTML.
  • HTML Tutorials
    Directions in HTML
    A quick tip to set direction in HTML documents.
  • HTML Tutorials
    Set charset in HTML
    In this tutorial the way that you can set the charset of HTML documents is described.
  • HTML Tutorials
    How to add Image to HTML
    This is a beginner HTML tutorial to teach you how to place images in your HTML document.
  • HTML Tutorials
    Meta content in HTML
    This video talks about meta description and meta keywords in coding HTML.
  • CSS Tutorials
    Get started with CSS
    First tutorial of Arashtad CSS courses. Here's where you can start learning CSS.