In Arashtad we provide custom services in variety of design and development fields. Here is the list of custom services that we have been providing to our clients from around the world for years.

3D Web Development

Nowadays, WebGL technology and 3D web applications are one of those subjects that is interacting more and more attentions. Regarding the modern standards and unique qualities, 3D web development is surely one of the remarkable services that is searched by too many people these days. We develop 3D web applications and 3D websites that are fully customized and functioning according to our clients’ needs and if you’re one of those who are interested in this trending technology, you can get in touch with us to have a talk about it for sure.

We usually use three.js framework to create the 3D web applications that our clients ask us to perform and beside it, other technologies are used to handle the other parts of the projects such as HTML5, SCSS/CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, VueJS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, etc.

Depending on your specific project, we’ll analyze the requirements and give you the best solution possible and you can take it, add to it, or order the project according to what you’d rather the most.

In any case, we’ll be doing your project with the latest standards and the highest quality and will be supporting you after the project is done. We’ll teach you how the application works and will remove all bugs that may come up after development absolutely free of charge.

If you have a crazy idea in mind that you even hesitate to talk about it with everybody, have in mind that a team is waiting for such ideas to perform, somewhere!

Call us to talk about such ideas and help the dreams to wear the reality dress as we’re just as crazy as those ideas, if not even more!

WordPress Development

There is an experienced WordPress developer team in our group that will help you get to the exact goal that you are looking for. WordPress as the most common content management system in the world is the most wanted system when it comes to custom services. At Arashtad, we are ready to create any type of website, plugin, and theme for the WordPress projects that we receive.

Feel free to drop us a comment and initiate the discussion about your WordPress project and we’ll be more than happy to call you back, finalize the plan according to your needs, and get the work done as fast and clean as possible for you.

Web Development

Both front-end and back-end web development services are provided by the Arashtad custom services mega team. We are ready and will be so happy to perform any type of front-end development or back-end development for you. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and having a chat about your project.

Our main concern in the Arashtad custom services team is doing something that we can be proud of and you can be in love with! Quality work requires less maintenance and debug, takes less time to modify, and results in more joy and success instead. This is viewpoint that we’ve never seen failure from.

You’re always most welcome to send us your plan for your front-end, back-end, or full-stack development project and we’re always eager to give people ideas that make their way as short and successful as possible. So, be absolutely comfortable in reaching and just let’s talk and make it done in the best way.

Graphic Design

Designing graphic for web, printing, and publishing is what we have been involved with for over 13 years. This field is where we can serve you the way that you won’t need anybody else. Common technologies and software, latest standards, clean work, and friendly communication are what we can offer you.

You’ll have more than enough time and chance to customize the result just like what you imagine and our graphic design magicians are those who will be beside you in every step of the process.

Please feel free to fill the business inquiry from to explain the idea of the project and we will be back to you with the best suggestions and price in the meantime.

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