Arashtad Products

Of course not. Arashtad offers most of its digital products for free and you can download them without a paid account.

Arashtad free products are available to use as many times as you need. You can use them on your personal or commercial products and make changes on them. Though, providing them as your product is not allowed, but distributing and customizing them is OK and even we have a lot of options in our products that make them easier to distribute.

Arashtad products use GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. To find out more about licensing visit this licensing page.

Arashtad Services

Here is the list of custom services that you can expect from Arashtad:

  • Graphic design for web, print, and publishing.
  • 3D modeling and animation.
  • WordPress website, theme, and plugin development.
  • Front-end and back-end web development.
  • 3D web development.
  • Content marketing, blogging, and copyrighting.

We have this business inquiry form that helps you describe the project idea for us. You’re most welcome to initiate the conversation by filling this form and we will surely get back to you as soon as possible.

This page will be updated by new question and answers and you are always welcome to ask us directly your questions, if they’re not found on the website.