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About Arashatd
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Arashtad’s Mission

Custom Services

Arashtad is an IT company with several teams and departments, that solve multiple problems at once. Arashtad Custom The services department is responsible for providing design, development, technical support, SEO, and marketing services to clients from around the globe. See a list of the services that Arashtad provides to individual and business clients at the Arashtad Custom Services page. Also, in case you would like see some of our previous projects you can check Arashtad Portfolio. Nowadays, the main niche of our services is Metaverse Development, 3D Web Development, and 3D Modeling. But of course, there is an extended list of services that you can order Arashatd to perform. The list of our custom services goes following:

  • Metaverse Development
  • 3D Website (WebGL) Development
  • Video Game Development
  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Database Architecture
  • Custom CMS Development
  • WordPress Website, Theme, and Plugin Development
  • Joomla Website, Template, and Extension Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • OS Software Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Visual Effects and Motion Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing and Content Creation
  • And more…

Original Content by the Editorial Department

The Editorial Department started working with the idea of giving bookmarkable solutions to the technical problems that designers, developers, and IT professionals may face. This department creates original content and releases them as blog posts, eBooks, presentations, source codes, video tips, etc. The articles released by this department can be found at Arashatd Design, Development, and Technology Blog and the eBooks and Presentations are available at the Arashtad Press server.

Video Tutorials

There is another department in Arashtad called Tutorials Department. This department is built to create video tutorials for OpenSource technologies and Arashtad products. The video tutorials released by this department are available at the Tutorials server. Also, Youtube, Vimeo, Udemy, and other video platforms are the other places where most productions of this department can be found.

Educational Documentation

The Documentation Department of Arashtad is responsible for documenting zero-to-hero tutorials about technologies for designers, developers, and IT professionals at beginner, intermediate, advanced, and even debugger levels. Another task covered by this department is creating comprehensive documentation for Arashtad products. This department releases its content on the Arashtad Documentation server.

OpenSource Products

The Production Department is where Arashtad creates its public and OpenSource products. We design and develop products for the public in +45 different categories that most of them are free to use. Visit the Arashtad Marketplace to download and get updated Arashtad OpenSource products.

Web Services and Online Tools

The Web Services The department provides online tools such as web services for SEO, marketing, design, development, security, mathematics, etc. These web services can be found at Arashtad Web Services server.

Our Viewpoint

The web has been improved since the beginning and where we already are, it is not comparable to the point that we started IT technology. But, there is still a lot to be done and provided. On the other hand, new technologies, new users, and new forms of businesses need new solutions. Arashtad is here to give as much as possible to the world keeping the maximum privacy and flexibility for its users. We value data like others. But, what we value more, is our users’ freedom, privacy, and human rights. We even don’t just think of our direct users and customers. But, our main goal is finding a chance to help the priceless things in this 3D world like nature, animals, and kids. ARASHTAD SUPPORTS TREES, WOLVES, AND KIDS BY ANY TYPE OF THOUGHTS AND ACTIVITIES POSSIBLE.

The Story

We Raised from the Ash Itself!

Someday, there was no business, no capital, no investor, and even no friend to contribute to the Arashtad master plan’s idea. The team was started by just one person and after years of hard work and harder learning, a window was opened to a more promising horizon. That was when Arashtad could handle the salary of its first employee and so the second mate joined the group. Now, it could be called a team! Since then, we worked hard to increase the team in number and improve it quality-wise. Until now that like many other companies, after a lot of setbacks and successes, we are where we can call ourselves an organized team of expert designers, developers, and IT professionals. It was a hard start to have. But, this is not a place to stay. We are moving on and whatever obstacle comes in the way we are sure that it will be taken away just because we are not here to hold back or let the pride stop us from pushing forward as our goal is sacred for us enough to make us believe it is worth fighting!

Arashtad Team

There are two types of team members in Arashtad. One group is those who work for the team constantly and the others contract base freelancers that are hired by a team when a new project comes up. Both types of members work for the team remotely and keep the schedules clean using the tools and technologies to fill the void of presence in a local office. In years that we have worked remotely (more than a decade before the COVID-19 chaos). So, the members now how to keep the routine and harmony of the work without interruption.

What Others Say About Us

Customers’ Feeback

Doing the work and putting it behind us has not been ever a strategy for us. We don’t let a task go until our clients and are fully satisfied with it and sure about its health and safety. Focusing on the quality this much may have made us produce less. But, we are happy that none of our customers have been unsatisfied so far. Both of us know that talking about self doesn’t prove anything. So instead of going deeper into this subject, we invite you to listen to some of our clients talking about us instead.

Arashtad Client Reviews Playlist:

Arashtad’s Personality

Arashtad has its own personality and philosophy. The idea behind the plan is a world that its people, its animals, and nature are in the best condition possible. We belive in Art, Happiness, Freedom, Wisdom, and Respect. When we see a tree green, a kid laughing, an animal playing, and a respectful human free, educated, and respected. That’s when we tell “This is Correct!”. We always do our best to make these beautiful moments happen more in the world. With whatever tools, ways, and ideas that we can come up with. We are not just dedicated to ourselves or humans. We care about everything that has value to it.

Arashtad Contact Information

There are multiple ways to communicate with Arashtad. A list of these contact methods goes following. Please use the one that suits the best for type of communication that you want with Arashtad:

Arashtad Social Media Profiles

Arashtad is active on +45 social media platforms. Each social media based on its nature releases one or more types of Arashtad content. By following Arashtad on social media, you can get updates on our latest articles, eBooks, presentations, videos, products, and any activities that we share with the public.

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Arashtad Content

As said, Arashtad provides different types of content. The list below helps you find out any content by its type and category:

Arashtad Visual Texture

Like a beautiful night inside the jungle, with too many secrets to discover. We use the dark-green theme to not bother our visitors eyes that would like to use Arashtad network features for many day and night hours. Most programmers and artists are familiar with this color scheme that also matches our user’s persona, our philosophy, and the biological structure of the human mind. Darkness is not against good. Just when you dive deep enough, it stays with you for the rest of the journey!

Trust and Safety

Arashtad cares about the security of its network and users. We always use SSL certifications for any type of server and web service communications. Your information and communication with all Arashtad web servers are encrypted and secured by various technologies. From SSL encryption to security techniques and constant upgrades.