How it Works

Arashtad provides custom design and development services as well as original content and products. We also have several programs for affiliates, job seekers and those who like to learn design and development technologies. This articles will help you find what you need easier on this website.

If you have a project to order as a custom design or development, or just want to talk about an idea and would like to find out how we can help, you’re always welcome to initiated the conversation by filling the Business Inquiries form on this website. We can help you get your graphic design, WordPress development, 3D web development done in the best suitable way. We also have other development services that you maybe interested in. Feel free to contact us via the mentioned form and we will get back to you after studying your message very soon.

Arashtad offers a lot of products such as web applications, designs, stock images and videos, tutorials, etc. You won’t need a paid account to use most of them and a lot of these products don’t even require registering. Though, we suggest you to at least create a free account to benefit even more of the products and features that Arashtad offers. There are some premium products and web services as well that you may need a paid subscription for it. In any case, there is absolutely no hidden fee in any type of accounts or products that we offer and what you see as a price will be the exact amount that you will pay at the end.

Though, most of our products are free of charge and gifted to the OpenSource community, you may need to purchase a low price but high featured subscription in order to get full support for them. Free products have free updates and tutorials of course. But, if you need a direct help from our support team, you will always have access to out ticketing system via your premium account.

Content in Arashtad are all created originally and presented free of charge. The content that we make ready for you are what we think can be helpful and we do it just to satisfy our registered and guest visitors and maybe lift up a bit of their labor in case of research. Feel free to use the content that we create with keenness and if you found it worth sharing, don’t forget to mention Arashtad as the source.

The jobs and professional positions that Arashtad offers may change time by time. We use the abilities of our talented team to perform custom services ordered by our clients, create new products and update the existing ones, support our community, create and maintain our web services, and improve Arashtad in all fields that it’s active in. If you’d like to join a team that is hungry to learn and excited to do amazing jobs, feel free to check out our required skills and send us your application via this Job Application Form. We are always eager to discover talented designer, developers, IT specialists, and those who can help Arashtad perform better. Your application will be reviewed and we will get back to you if your skills are match with Arashtad’s needs.